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Life really is actually rather short...

HolsteeJust came across this manifesto on the Holstee site ( a product design company with an ethos in the vein of old 2DO favourite Howies. A nice expression of how to stay curious and make the most of things.


Click here to check out the details... 

The "One Hundred Days To Make Me A Better Person" Project

ONE thing. Done ONCE Each Day. For ONE Hundred Days.

100days That's the great, simple idea behind Josie Long’s one hundred day mission "to make everyone a little friendlier, stronger, fitter, wiser or just plain jollier. Since 1st December 2009, indefatigable, affirmative action-hero Josie has been leading a group of comedians, writers and musicians on a brand new scheme of creative betterment.

Alongside inventive pledges from over 900 members of the public (everything from  ‘a comic a day,’ ‘micro art history essays,’ ‘mythological creatures in haiku’, ‘kissing in front of a different London landmark,’ ‘leaving a hundred post it notes in public,’ ‘jogging art,’) Josie is talking to a stranger each day, and writing at least one new joke."

Click here for more details - and to submit your own ideas.

(The project is part of the London Word Festival - details on that here.) 


Bicyclist vs Elephant - video

2DO writer Joe 'Metal Cowboy' Kurmaskie has both a new book and a new video out now. Watch a snippet below to get a taste of Joe's travels, adventures and great efforts at raising money for kids in need. You can also enjoy some of Joe's past exploits right here on the site

Life Lessons with Mr. T

He covers all the basics, really...

People in Order: Age 1 To 100 - Video

Bang that drum! (go for it number 45...go on 72! Am impressive 91...and nicely done 96 and 98..etc)

People In Order: 1. Age from James Price on Vimeo.

The Metal Cowboy Rides Again

Mud_Sweat_and_Gears_cover Happy New Year everyone!  We've been wrapping up projects the last couple of months that have taken us away from 2DO business, but we're pleased to be back - and to kick it off, we have some cool news - one of our favorite contributing writers here on the site (click here for his 'Freewheeling' columns), best-selling author Joe Kurmaskie, aka 'The Metal Cowboy', has a new book out - Mud, Sweat and Gears: A Rowdy Family Adventure Across Canada on Seven Wheels

Joe's been called 'David Sedaris trapped in Lance Armstrong's body' and 'Mark Twain on two wheels'. He's a natural storyteller, and a proven crowd-pleaser with many a great tale to share. He'll be on the road throughout 2010, so do pay him a visit should Joe stop in your town. And say hello from us!

Here's a link to an excerpt from his latest book, which is also featured in the current Bicycling magazine. And if you can't wait until February for its mass market release, you can pick up a copy from Amazon or even better, get yourself a special signed edition signed of Mud, Sweat and Gears directly from Joe's site. Congratulations Joe - nice work!

"Where Do You Want To Wake Up Tomorrow?" - video

Fifty People, One Question: Brooklyn

"Interesting New Yorkers" - Short Video Profiles

Loved my recent visit to NYC - I had forgotten what a great city it is. Just came across this - some good short profiles of intriguing NYC locals...

Via Boing Boing: "A city guide website called Revel in New York makes great mini docs about interesting New Yorkers." Here is Josh Hadar, 'Bike Builder' - with a few more listed below.

Others from the same series:

The Pigeon Lady, an East Village pigeon fancier who's been stealing pigeons from prized coops for nearly a decade.

High Times senior editor David Bienenstock, who explains the different effects of different kinds of pot.

Molly Crabapple, artist and founder of Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School.

Tea blender Nini Ordoubadi, an Iranian born New Yorker who comes from a long tradition of tea blenders.

"Piano Stairs" - video

I would take the stairs a lot more often, if this was the rule not the exception...

Music by Birds - video

Composer Jarbas Agnelli was inspired by a photo in a newspaper of birds sitting on electric wires and decided to set it to music, using the birds as notes. Results below...

Bringing 'Where the Wild Things Are' To The Screen

Where-the-wild-things-are3 "Spike Jonze is known for making videos and movies his way — fast, cheap and dirty — but adapting Maurice Sendak's classic book turned out to be slow, expensive and very complicated."

Click here for the full story in today's New York Times....

Learn Something Everyday

Aug28'Learn Something Everyday' is a new site dedicated to illustrating various trivia using Sharpie drawings.

Did you know that Shakespeare was dyslexic? Or that the space between your eyebrows is called the 'glabella'? How about that most cars beep in the key of F...?

Not sure how useful those facts are, but the drawings are fun...

Visual Effects - 100 Years of Inspiration

Just came across a recently collated collection of clips and making-of footage from notable visual effects films of the past century. Originally intended for educational use as an introduction to a classroom lecture, it represents  of a lot of time, work and imagination...

William Hoffman's "Moments" - Video

Directed by William Hoffman for Anyone Everything, here's a nicely observed, well edited series of moments - some exceptional, some everyday...

Playing the building...

David Byrne has just brought his latest installation 'Playing the building' to London's Roundhouse. Connecting a small organ to various parts of the building's structure via a series of pumps and automated devices, Byrne manages to turn the whole building into a musical instrument. The results may not be as catchy as some of his Talking Heads hits, but it's nice to see someone making music with girders for a change.

Below is a Wired video with Byrne explaining the original NYC installation, and click here to check out the full article on Creative Review.

Playing the Building is on show at the Roundhouse until 31st August.

Thinking 'Outside the Box' - video

It can be a challenge coming up with new ideas. Sometimes to arrive at a fresh approach, one has to come at the situation from a whole new angle... 

Daily routines...

Dailyroutines Churchill dictated from his bed in the morning and took a siesta at 5pm; Designer Stefan Sagmeister kicks off his working day at the crack of dawn with a pot of coffee and a cigar; Barack Obama is happy to be working from home...

If you ever wondered about the daily routines of the great and the good, here's a site well worth checking out. The Daily Routines blog references interviews, news articles and auto-biography to bring you in detail the working patterns of such names as Darwin, Kafka, Marx and Thurber. 

Stephen King on the start of his day: "“There are certain things I do if I sit down to write,” he said. “I have a glass of water or a cup of tea. There’s a certain time I sit down, from 8:00 to 8:30, somewhere within that half hour every morning,” he explained. “I have my vitamin pill and my music, sit in the same seat, and the papers are all arranged in the same places. The cumulative purpose of doing these things the same way every day seems to be a way of saying to the mind, you’re going to be dreaming soon."

"The World's Fastest Everything" - video

From cup stacking, to getting dressed, to running and more - a video compilation of (some of) the world's fastest everything...

"A Normal Day" - Video

Just another normal day in the life of Thomas & Sebastian (bet it took a lot of practice). Pretty impressive...

'This Column Will Change Your Life'


Oliver Burkeman's weekend Guardian feature "This Column Will Change Your Life" often hits a note that regular readers of this blog might appreciate. His is a sharp-witted, anti-fluffy approach to the tricky topic of self-improvement, with a healthy store of scepticism for the quick-fixes and miracle cures of the self-help industry.

In the past, he's scrutinized topics such as life-goal obsessives, the virtues of being ordinary and those suspiciously convenient case-studies featured in almost all self-help manuals. This week he looks at the twisted priorities of modern life, how being eager to please can keep you from your lifelong goals and the perils of sharing your ambitions with those around you. Click here to read the full article...

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