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Hi, I'm Mike's sister and just wanted to comment on a few things here regarding TED.

Firstly, his past week was this year's "convention" for the 2009 Ted Prize winners. So when you check out the site it looks different then it normally does. But it really checking out because this year's winners have posted their wishes and are looking for help. This year's winners are fascinating and cover an enormous spectrum. To put them in very simplistic terms, one is a deep-sea diver, another an astronomer looking for aliens, and the third is a conductor and creator of El Sistema. You may want to see what they help they are looking for because it may just be an opportunity for you to do something that really inspires you. They need all sorts of help.

Secondly, I do love Ken Robinson but his speech is one of many incredible talks. Check his out but look for others because there are plenty of gems in the collection. But regarding Robinson in particular, I would like to point out he has a new book out this month called "The Element" and it is been a delight to read (not corny but rather filled with his dry wit making it readable as opposed to self-helpy laughable) and it filled with anecdotes of people achieving great things when they are truly inspired and going out making their lives work in creative ways. He talks about the Beatles, Matt Groening, and Gillian Lynne for instance. Anyway, he is a leader in the fields of creativity, innovation, and education. To top it, Robinson is very funny. One final note on him, he has just started a web page and a blog that is worth looking onto as well.

And thanks Mike and Chris for the blog, it is always thought-provoking and inspiring. (I am flattered I got mentioned in one!)

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